The Lottery Squirrels are BACK


Lucky & Sugar-toes are BACK!

lucky-rainWe have been busy with a few things and needed to find a more reliable hosting provider. Our site had mega files and a monster data base file.
We had to go back to about June 20016 in our posting.

Lucky decided the provider we signed up with in June 2016 was a crappy service – we have moved to BLUE HOST. Purchasing a Lucky Black Squirrel pin will help with the costs of this site, and might even bring you some LUCK.

[VPC-pin-EASYpaypal-01]TLC’s the Lottery Changed My Life - Sold on

A Lucky Black Squirrel (Lottery Charm®) pin was used to hold the winning grand prize ticket for the lottery (previously known as Dream Of A Lifetime Lottery) on a corkboard in the office of® creator Ric Wallace.

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